Name: Ken Pottle

Occupation: Printer, Press Operator

Interests & Hobbies: Wind Power, Woodworking, Computers, Electronics, RC Planes, Genealogy & more.

Comments: The more I learn, the less I know.


40" Windmill


8' Windmill

<<Under Construction>>>


Future Projects:

A bigger windmill, maybe 16' or so

A windmill with counter-rotating blades. 1 blade holding the magnets, the other holding the coils. I want to string LEDs up the length of the blade or at the tips, just for something to watch. If I ever learn all I want to about electronics, I will make the LEDs along the blade flash at a particular moment, creating the effect of stationary clock hands, sync'ed with the actual time.

A windmill with a built in Web-Cam.